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Exhaustive Study Material For JEE ADVANCE

Study Materials Prepared by Experienced and qualified faculties

Our study material possess every concept which is explained properly using relevant examples & proper questions and also have lots of questions of different difficulty level, properly ordered and some questions that actually needs brain storming which help you to develop concepts implementation ability.We have study material which provide one stop solution for Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics. Get self-explanatory detailed step-by-step solutions with logical explanations and accelerate your preparations

3 step preparation for IIT JEE(JEE ADVANCE)

Practice more questions in the time saved in searching for the doubt clearance.

With Details Theory and Solved Example
Important Concepts and Formulla Sheet
Revision Package
Daily Practice Problems
Prepared by Expert Faculties
Solved Example
Question Bank

Chapter Wise Test
Full Length Test
Practice Test
Online Assessment
Report and Analysis
Detailed Solution of Each Test
Practice More Questions as Much as Possible

very effective test & assessment platform with different level of toughness. Our objective is to provide you a yearlong constant practice with the feasible coverage of the topics, chapter and unit as per the syllabus. Our test pattern and level is organized and scientific which elevates the academic levels of the student.Questions that you wrongly attempt are passed through a system of 3-Step Revision Lists.

Achieve Perfection

Attempting a question at least three times correctly ensures perfection.

Revision Packages with Definitions

Definitions of key concepts Explained on a click away

Our study material is topic wise multi exercise, designed according to the syllabus of JEE , containing different types of conceptual, tricky & brain types of conceptual, tricky & brain ten years IIT-JEE/AIEEE questions, covering all the possible arena of the problems which may beasked in forth coming exams. Board Work-Sheets & Booklets To develop writing skill as required in board exams Question Banks For adequate practice in each subject, topic wise question banks are distributed to students which help them in gaining confidence & command on individual topics.

Perfect understanding

Referring to the key-concepts conveniently as and when needed leads to better conceptual understanding and retention.

Physics Study Material and Online Test
Chemistry Study Material and Online Test
Maths Study Material and Online Test
Biology Study Material and Online Test
Individual Topic and Subject Assignment
Practice Paper Based on Entrance Exams

CBSE Sample Papers
Mock Test Papers And Practice Papers
Study Material For CBSE Preparation
NTSE Online Test Series
Previous Year Papers
Foundation Study Material For VII To X
All Types of Questions

All type of MCQs as per latest pattern

You need to practice the questions as per the pattern of questions asked in the real test. Practicing with only Single Correct Multiple Correct Questions (MCQs) does not get you success in JEE ADVANCE.

Get Single Correct, Multiple Correct, Integer Type, Matrix Type, Assertion Reasoning and Paragraph Type MCQs for complete practice.

Perfect Orientation

Practicing with the right type of questions from the beginning sets the tone for your success and defines your Rank.

Know why our students score higher in lesser time

Other eLearning
   Fully-Solved Questions Yes No No
   Revision Lists Yes No No
   Practice Papers Yes No No
   Study Notes With Exampales Yes No No
   Real Time Monitoring Yes No No;
   Easy, Medium and Difficult Levels Yes No No
   Instant Evaluation Yes No No
   Accelerated Learning Yes No No
   All India Rank Highest Average Low


JEE advance(IIT JEE) Study Material
    JEE ADVANCE Class XI and XII Complete Study material
    Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
    Comprehensive Study Material
    Simple Concept & Evaluation
    Hint And Key Formula
    Revision List
    Practice Questions with Solution
    Detailed Theory with Examples
    Advance Level Problems
    Single Correct Questions, Multicorrect Questions etc

JEE ADVANCE(IIT JEE) Online Test Series
    Practice Questions (Fully Solved)
    Full-Length Mock Tests (Fully Solved)
    Subject-level Mock-Tests (Fully Solved)
    All Types of Questions
    Based on the latest pattern of JEE Advance
    Physics, Chemistry and Matehmatics
    Subject Wise Tests
    All India Test Series
    Full Length Test
    Prepared By Expert Subject Faculty
    Daily Practice Papers

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Methodology to Crack IIT JEE Advanced
JEE Advanced (IIT-JEE) is considered to be the toughest examination all over the world. However, you do not need to worry because if have the ability to apply the concepts in different situations, you would be able to crack IIT JEE easily. Wasting time on revising the chapters and repeated lectures do not equip you with the right skills.

IIT JEE Advanced Practice Question Bank
Our team of Proffesionals and experts has brought together practice questions which comprehensively cover the complex situations as per the JEE Advanced latest pattern. These questions should be more than sufficient for you to complete your JEE Advanced examination and score a top rank in JEE Advanced. Repeated practice of these questions brings perfection in your JEE Advanced preparations. But, you have limited time. So, we prepare revision lists for you so that you are able to focus on the weaker areas. This helps you to improve your conceptual understanding and test taking skills. To save on your precious time, you get not just smart hints but also detailed step-by step solution for ultimate doubt clearance. It is essential to get to know how to solve a questionnaire and what all topics are covered in it to clear doubts. A brighter picture comes in front of an individual when he/she gets to know exactly how to perform and has an approximate idea of what the questionnaire could be about. To help a candidate gain more confidence, previous test papers should be practiced well.

IIT JEE Advanced Study Material
From day one of our educational journey we have been told by our elders to revise topics and never leave a topic if there is the slightest of confusion understanding it. To avoid referring several books and notes, we have brought the study notes for you. These are not lengthy text-books nor just sketchy notes. We have pooled knowledge from al the sources and presented the gist by way of smart study notes for your benefit. You can refer these study notes any time

Track your JEE Advance preparation in Real-Time
You get real-time status of your preparation too by way of smart analytics which you can yourself monitor and accordingly pace up your preparations.The theory has been well supported with illustrious examples to help you excel in this section. Before the real examination, you would like to assess your level of preparations by way of mock tests. We bring you the best of the mock tests to help you assess effectively.
In fact, we aim at comprehensive preparation of our dear students who are aiming at a top rank in JEE Advanced, right in the first attempt.Test paper's questions based on the deep analysis of last 20 years JEE MAIN/ADVANCED,Transparent and System Generated Student Report and Analysis, Analyze Student's Strong and Weak Areas and offer suggestions for improvement. Keep Students motivated towards their studies by offering their real time Batch Rank and All India Rank.

Our online course which offers study material,test papers,mock test and all india test series prepared by best of Engineering/Medical faculty.