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How to Prepare Academic Course for Class XII CBSE course
Class XII is very different in terms of the course content what you study till previous classes. Class XII will check your concepts of fundamental physics, chemistry and math. And the moment you will ignore them all of the work that you will do in future related to study will get largely affected.
During studying try to find applications of the topic that will help you in understanding the topic better as you could relate it to physical world.
Class XII can be considered the advanced class of the X because its course content is similar to course content of class X. You will study in depth about the concepts which you have studied in X.
In X, the part of the physics that you study in science is magnetism, light and Electrostatics and you will study about it throughout your XII class.. So remember what you have studied so far in previous classes keep all concept in brain to apply them in class XII.
Chemistry is obviously new and so is math except some part. Math is extremely important. Some of the topics that you need to understand at best are integration, differentiation, differential equations, geometry and matrices. Since you will be preparing for JEE it is utmost important. Even without JEE you should learn them for better understanding of physics and chemistry. You will study about direct application of these math topics in other two subjects.
Remember Class XII Board Exam syllabi for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics are more or less same as that for Entrance Examinations. Difference lies only in the approach required to solve the questions. If you are thoroughly prepared for entrance exams, with a little extra effort, you are bound to do extremely well in XII Final   is not true. Even if you have prepared very well in a topic from XII  exam point of view, you will still need an intense effort to make sure your preparation is adequate from Entrance Exams point of view.

That being about the course. Now how should you prepare?
  1. Make time table which includes how much time to give to what subject. Please include some resting or retake time in that. That is important. And some extra time in which you can do whatever you want if you want to give extra time to study do that or if you want to sleep it’s up to you.
  2. Be focused and positive.
  3. Read it again what you don't understand the first time and ask it if you don't understand it second time with your friends and school teacher.
  4. In early period, generate interest in the subjects.
  5. Learn self-motivation.
  6. Physics will need a little more focus than the other two subjects. This doesn't mean you should not study math and chemistry. They also need substantial time.
  7. Keep revising from time to time.
  8. Don't miss school, school is important.
  9. Give time to yourself and analyses your learning.

Mathematics Class XII Syllabus

Course Structure

Unit Topic Marks
I. Relations and Functions 10
II. Algebra 13
III. Calculus 44
IV. Vectors and 3-D Geometry 17
V. Linear Programming 6
VI. Probability 10
  Total  100

Physics Class XII Syllabus

Course Structure

Unit Chapter / Topic Marks
I Electrostatics
  Chapter-1: Electric Charges and Fields
  Chapter-2: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
II Current Electricity
  Chapter-3: Current Electricity
III Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism
  Chapter-4: Moving Charges and Magnetism
  Chapter-5: Magnetism and Matter
IV Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current
  Chapter-6: Electromagnetic Induction
  Chapter-7: Alternating Current
V Electromagnetic Waves
  Chapter-8: Electromagnetic Waves
VI Optics
  Chapter-9: Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
  Chapter-10: Wave Optics
VII Dual Nature of Matter
  Chapter-11: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
VIII Atoms & Nuclei
  Chapter-12: Atoms
  Chapter-13: Nuclei
IX Electronic Devices
  Chapter-14:  Semiconductor  Electronics
X Communication Systems
  Chapter-15: Communication Systems
  Total 70

Chemistry Class XII Syllabus

Course Structure

Unit Title Marks
I Solid State 23
II Solutions
III Electrochemistry
IV Chemical Kinetics
V Surface Chemistry
VI Isolation of Elements 19
VII p-Block Elements
VIII d- and f-Block Elements
IX Coordination Compounds
X Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 28
XI Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
XII Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
XIII Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
XIV Biomolecules
XV Polymers
XVI Chemistry in Everyday Life
  Total 70

Biology Class XII Syllabus

Course Structure

Unit Title Marks
VI Reproduction 14
VII Genetics and Evolution 18
VIII Biology and Human Welfare 14
IX Biotechnology and its Applications 10 
X Ecology and Environment  14
  Total 70