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The Comprehensive Study Material Prepared by Experienced Faculties.

The bonus feature is that this complete study material for School exam is available at affordable price, so every candidate but it without any mess. Aspirant can get this full study material from ADVANTAGE JEE on few clicks. We also provide comprehensive notes, question bank, doubt clearing, crash course, mega test series and syllabus books of Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology online.

Covers all topics and chapters of PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, MATH AND BIOLOGY At Basic Level

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Very effective test & assessment platform with different level of toughness.

Our objective is to provide you a yearlong constant practice with the feasible coverage of the topics, chapter and unit as per the syllabus. Our test pattern and level is organized and scientific which elevates the academic levels of the student.Questions that you wrongly attempt are passed through a system of multi Revision Lists.

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We provide Class Notes at a subtopic level. Our Lesson notes have been prepared by our expert faculty keeping in view the children learning styles and outcomes. Our notes summarize the textbooks and the class lectures in a structured and easy format. Our Course content also prepare you for future JEE EXAMS. Notes are organized subtopic-wise for quick and easy reference. High-quality illustrations, examples and supporting notes that aid in quick understanding. Our notes are well rounded covering the entire key concept in a simple and easy to learn format.

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Referring to the key-concepts conveniently as and when needed leads to better conceptual understanding and retention.

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Online Test Series for CBSE and Foundation Course

Our Online Test Series for CBSE Class VIII is a simple and helpful test preparation framework that provides students various types of tests with varying difficulty level. This platform helps them to get familiarized with the actual pattern and level of exam. The exhaustive performance analysis helps students to know their present status and encourage them to improve.

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This computer based online test series comprises Online Objective Tests (Formative Assessment) and Downloadable Subjective tests (Summative Assessment) for Class VIII (SA-I and SA-II) preparation. It will help students gain confidence to face their school examinations and prepare them to face any of the competitive exams. Analysis and solutions are also provided to help self-evaluation.

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    Study Material (Foundation Course & CBSE)
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    Sample Papers

Online Test Series
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    Mock Tests
    Subject-level Mock-Tests
    SA-1 & SA-2 Mock Test
    Hints and Solution
    Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology
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How to Prepare Academic Course for Class VIII and Foundation.
Class VIII is a crucial phase in a student life because it lays the basics of foundation for JEE and PMT Entrance exams. CBSE syllabus for Class VIII is prepared so as to introduce students to the very basics of Science & Math. CBSE Class VIII syllabus for science is divided into Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This gives students a good understanding of what these subjects are all about. Similarly, students are acknowledged to complex topics in Math like Trigonometry and Algebra.

As per Experts recommendation to students, it is very important to study the syllabus from the examination point of view as well as gain knowledge and clear concepts. This requires students to build interest in subjects and understand the various phenomena in the real world linked with the theoretical knowledge.

Though many parents disagree with the idea of the Foundation courses, but several others support the same. These courses are meant to sharpen the analytical skills of the students from an early age so that they develop a conceptual thinking, thus acquiring an advantage over their competitors from the beginning itself. It also gives directions to the students in terms of planning and they take up studies seriously from the beginning. It is a big debate as to whether such young students should enforce to prepare jee or pmt, as many of them would go just under parental pressure, as they would not know their interest areas. But many parents believe that the earlier, the better.

Objective For JEE and PMT Foundation Course is To make the students understand and master basic concepts in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and to focus on encouraging students to apply the concepts learnt to real-life situations. The programme will encourage school goers to look beyond textbooks for learning. It also help not only to understand better what is taught in regular school classes, but also to develop the acumen which will give them a distinct edge over the rest of their peers. This results in better performance in board or final exams. Starting from early preparation benefit for NTSE, NLSTSE, Science Olympiad and Cyber Olympiad.

CBSE Class 8 Science Syllabus

  • Crop production
  • Micro-organisms
  • Materials in daily life
  • Different kinds of materials and their reactions.
  • How things change/ react with one another
The World of the Living
  • Why conserve
  • The cell
  • How babies are formed
Moving Things, People and Ideas
  • Idea of force
  • Friction
  • Pressure
  • Sound
How Things Work
  • Electric current and circuits
Natural Phenomena
  • Rain, thunder and lightning
  • Light
  • Night sky
  • Earthquakes
Natural Resources
  • Man’s intervention in phenomena of nature
  • Pollution of air and water
CBSE Class 8 Mathematics Syllabus

Rational Numbers Algebraic Expressions and Identities
Linear Equations in Over Variable Visualising Solid Shapes
Understanding Quadrilaterals Mensuration
Practical Geometry Exponents and Powers
Data Handling Direct and Inverse Proportions
Squares and Square Roots Factorisation
Cubes and Cube Roots Introduction to Graphs
Comparing Quantities Playing with Numbers