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Revision is Necessary

Students for AIIMS PREPARATION requires regular revision. Revision should not be give up. It may be daily or weekly basis, especially the subject that you tend to forget. Students generally need doubt support on 30-40% of the questions while preparing. You need doubt clearance right there and then. Now, no need to struggle with the question or chase your teachers for doubt clearance. Work Hard or Deep Reading is Good Deal to Crack any Competitive Exams
Get self-explanatory detailed step-by-step solutions with logical explanations and accelerate your preparations.

Keep Positive Attitude

Positive attitude building is an important part for preparation .You should grow positive attitude. You don't think about failure. You should always think that you can crack this exam with other students. So you should need best preparation

With Details Theory and Solved Example
Important Concepts and Formulla Sheet
Revision Package
Daily Practice Problems
Prepared by Expert Faculties
Solved Example
Question Bank

Chapter Wise Test
Full Length Test
Practice Test
Online Assessment
Report and Analysis
Detailed Solution of Each Test
Practice Mock Test Paper & Give Online Test

Repeatedly practice your wrong questions

When you practice questions and miss the correct answer, you are likely to commit the mistake in the real exam also. One time doubt-clearance does not ensure that you would be able to attempt it correctly in real exam.

Questions that you wrongly attempt are passed through a system of multi Revision Lists.

Achieve Perfection

Attempting a question at least three times correctly ensures perfection.

Sample papers and past year AIIMS papers

Practice from the Online test for understanding of the questions and the format they are to be asked in the previous AIIMS ENTRANCE Exam. With this you can get familiar to the AIIMS examination and can easily perform in the main exam Many times, you may need to learn or refresh the understanding of key concepts. Referring books or Googling consumes your valuable time. It also deviates your mind from preparations.

AIIMS sample online tests have been designed by our expert faculties across the nation on the basis of AIIMS syllabus and pattern. The course objective is to help students in their practice and revision work in the best possible way.

Study well, practice smart, improve your weaknesses, and master syllabus of the examination.

Here We provides extensive test package which covers all your needs to crack AIIMS Exams.

Physics Study Material and Online Test
Chemistry Study Material and Online Test
Maths Study Material and Online Test
Biology Study Material and Online Test
Individual Topic and Subject Assignment
Practice Paper Based on Entrance Exams

CBSE Sample Papers
Mock Test Papers And Practice Papers
Study Material For CBSE Preparation
NTSE Online Test Series
Previous Year Papers
Foundation Study Material For VII To X
All Types of Questions

All types of question as per latest pattern of AIIMS EXAM

You need to practice the questions as per the pattern of questions asked in the real test. Here you get single correct question of PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, and BIOLOGY as well as ASSERTION AND REASON and GENERAL AWARENESS QUESTIONS to get you success in AIIMS.

Get Multiple Correct, Integer Type, Matrix Type, Assertion Reasoning and Paragraph Type MCQs for complete practice

Perfect Orientation

Practicing with the right type of questions from the beginning sets the tone for your success and defines your Rank.

Know why our students score higher in lesser time

Other eLearning
   Fully-Solved Questions Yes No No
   Revision Lists Yes No No
   Linked Study Notes Yes No No
   Instant Glossary Yes No No
   Real Time Monitoring Yes No No;
   Difficulty Settings Yes No No
   Instant Evaluation Yes No No
   Accelerated Learning Yes No No
   Degree of Retention Highest Average Low


AIIMS Minor Online Test Series
    Practice Questions (Fully Solved) - 8700+
    Full-Length Mock Tests (Fully Solved) - 10
    Subject-level Mock-Tests (Fully Solved) - 15
    AIIMS Mock Test
    Online Test
    Assertion & Reason
    General Awareness
    Analytical Questions
    Performance Monitoring
    Feedback & Doubt Support
    Complete Analysis

AIIMS Major Online Test Series
    Practice Questions (Fully Solved) - 11200+
    Full-Length Mock Tests (Fully Solved) - 10
    Subject-level Mock-Tests (Fully Solved) - 15
    AIIMS Mock Test
    Online Test
    Hint and Key Formula(e)
    Revision Lists
    Assertion and Reason
    Performance Monitoring
    Feedback & Doubt Support
    General Awareness Practice

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Cracking AIIMS is not tough but it simply needs the right preparation strategy. Our AIIMS preparation courses help you qualify for AIIMS and to gain admissions to MBBS COURSES of different branch of AIIMS.

AIIMS Practice Question Bank
We bring for your benefit a comprehensive question bank for practice. The practice question bank is arranged chapter-wise so that you can flow with your studies in the school. These questions significantly help you gain perfection in conceptual clarity and application skills. As such, your performance in the boards shall also improve a lot. To help you stay focused and clarify doubts on any question, we have provided detailed solution in self-explanatory manner. Every question that you attempt wrongly, we add to your revision lists so that revision is easier. Important questions you can bookmark and re-attempt later. All this helps you build your test-taking skills, leading to ultimate success. Our online test contains single correct question , assertion and reason type question and general knowledge.

AIIMS Smart Preparation
The mock tests are prepared by our experts help you revise easily. You can refer to these questions whenever you wish to know more about a concept or topic.

Track your AIIMS preparation in Real-Time
» To beat the competition, you need to monitor your own preparations. Our courses help you keep a track of your preparations on a real-time basis with our strong analytics.
» The mock tests developed by our experts help you assess your level of preparations before the real test to boost your confidence.
» In fact, our objective is to make our dear students qualify for AIIMS Take quality tests from wherever you are whenever you like. Our questions are as close as you can get to the real exam. Get a detailed analysis of your results along with solutions .Benefit from taking the tests as per the latest exam patterns.
» Revise, Revise and Revise: The best way to crack any entrance exam is by revising the subjects and the topics completed along with the preparing. It is very essential to revise as you keep on learning new things, chances of forgetting the things learnt increases. It is always advised to keep revising everyday for an hour or two, the topics that you have covered.

Make a plan for AIIMS
Candidate should make proper plan for AIIMS examination. They should have to gather information about AIIMS exam notification date, eligibility criteria, syllabus , exam pattern and syllabus cut off and other exam related information.

Time Management
The most difficult part of any exam preparation is Time Management. You should acquire good knowledge how to complete all the answer within scheduled time. For this you should need random practice .